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What are the requirements?

To enroll in our flight training program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years old.
  • Pass the EASA Medical examination.
  • Have a proficient level of English.

What is the duration of the whole studying period?

The duration of the entire studying period varies based on the individual trainee and their progress. On average, it typically takes between 18 to 24 months to complete the program

Do I have to finish the whole program in two years?

No, our program offers flexibility. You can manage your own schedule, so there’s no strict two-year deadline

What degree is needed for the courses?

For our courses, a high school diploma is preferred, but not required if you start at age 17.

Which planes can I fly within the program?

You’ll have the opportunity to fly the Diamond DA20, DA40, DA42, and use the FNPTII Simulator during the program

What kind of Licence do i get?

You’ll receive an EASA License, enabling you to fly in Europe and internationally

Do you provide any scholarships or lone?

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships or loans at this time.

Do i need to be full time in Romania during 18-24 months?

No, it’s not a full-time commitment. You have the flexibility to manage your schedule according to your work and lifestyle.

How does it work if I don’t have an EU passport?

You don’t need an EU passport to become a pilot. With a European pilot license, you can fly anywhere in the world. And it’s simple to switch to other licenses in different countries

Is there an age limit for ATPL?

There’s no specific age limit for ATPL. It’s advisable to start as early as you can. You can still land an airline job after 40; we’ve had older students successfully secure positions. Alternatively, you can pursue opportunities in business jet jobs or become a Flight Instructor at our school.

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