Complete the course between 8-12 weeks, depending on season and weather conditions.

Pre-entry requirements

  • min 16 years old (at the beginning of the course)

  • EASA Medical Class 2


  • Copy of a Photo ID or Passport

  • Copy of school diploma

  • Copy of EASA Medical

  • 4 passport photos

  • Application form


The LAPL course comprises of about 110 hours of ground training split in 9 different subjects. Classes are done in parallel with flying hours.

Flying Time

The LAPL course comprises flight exercises to cover a minimum of 30 hours of flying, all of them on Diamond DA-20 Katana


Getting a Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is the safest and most efficient way to become a pilot and fly all over Europe.

LAPL allows you to fly with up to 3 passengers and aircraft up to 2000 kg.

You can later upgrade this licence in a PPL (Private Pilot Licence) if you wish.

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