Instrument Rating


The duration of the modular course is 4 to 12 weeks.

Pre-entry Requirements:

  • Min. PPL(A)/SEP issued by an EASA Country

  • Night Rating

  • 50 hours PIC cross-country

  • Passed all 14 ATPL Theoretical exams (with an EASA Authority)

  • At least a Valid EASA Class II Medical License

  • Valid Radiotelephny License issued by ANCOM

Required Documents

  • Copy of a Photo ID or Passport

  • Copy of Pilot Licence

  • Copy of Radiotelephiy License

  • Copy of relevant pages of your Logbook

  • Copy of EASA Medical License

Flying Time

Instrument rating course comprises a total of 50 flying hours.

First 10 hours are Basic Instrument flying, of which first 5 hours are in a FNPT II simulator and the remaining 5 are flown in a DA-40. The remaining 40 hours are Instrument Procedures training, of which 30 hours in a FNPT II simulator and 10 hours on the DA-40. This results in a total of 35 hours in a simulator and 15 hours on DA-40, all dual.If you haven’t flown the DA-40 before, extra 7 hours ground training and 3.5 hours of dual flight are required (type in class SEP rating).


The aim of the IR(A) modular flying training course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to operate aeroplanes under IFR and in IMC.

The course consists of two modules, which may be taken separately or combined:

(a) Basic Instrument Flight Module

This comprises 10 hours of instrument time under instruction.

(b) Procedural Instrument Flight Module

This comprises the remainder of the training syllabus for the IR(A), 40 hours single-engine or 45 hours multi- engine instrument time under instruction, and* the theoretical knowledge course for the IR(A).

*not applicable if the 14 ATPL theoretical exams were passed during the previous 7 years

An applicant for a modular IR(A) course shall be the holder of a PPL(A) or a CPL(A), either license to include the privileges to fly by night, issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 and shall have completed at least 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command in aeroplanes or helicopters of which at least 10 hours shall be in aeroplanes.

The build-up experience programme should be done bassed on the request FCL.610 (b) and it is part of the training in career development.

An applicant for an IR(A) or validation shall have demonstrated the ability to use the English language.

The single-engine IR(A) course comprises 50 hours instrument time under instruction of which up to 35 hours are instrument ground time in a FNPT II.

The multi-engine IR(A) course comprises 55 hours instrument time under instruction of which 40 hours may be instrument ground time in a FNPT II. At least 15 hours will be in multi-engine aeroplanes.

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