Flight Instructor


The duration of the course is 12-16 weeks.

Pre-entry Requirements:

  • at least CPL(A)/SEP issued by a EASA Country

  • valid EASA Class I Medical LicenseAt least Level 4 English Language Proficiency

Required Documents:

  • Copy of a Photo ID or Passport

  • Copy of Pilot License (including its endorsements)

  • Copy of Radiotelephony License (issued by ANCOM)

  • Copy of relevant pages of your Logbook

  • Copy of EASA Class I Medical License

  • Curriculum Vitae (Professional European Format)

  • Application Form

Flying Time:

Flight Instructor rating course includes at least 125 Hrs of ground training (at least 35 hrs of Teaching and Learning Techniques) and at least 30 hours flying time all dual. The training program is conducted in accordance with the approved Training Manual in respect of EASA regulation in force. The duration of the course is 3-4 months.

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